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TIME Magazine

So, in the Aug., 31 2009 edition, there's an amazing article about sustainable food and the concern over it's impact on the environment and all in the United States.  As I'm in the food biz, I think this is extremely important to note and that it's a concern for all of us, particularly in the future and what it holds for all of us.  I mean, while I used to be more of an idealist over the treatment of animals (still a concern of mine), I now look at the bigger picture of not only that, but how we are basically destroying the environment in addition to animals and ourselves.

I mean, for PR, and to sell a story to concern people, I think it's wise to always mention that the ultimate goal is to be helping ourselves in the process, because, sadly, I think some would not care.  So, there is much of that type of mention in it, such as our general nutrition from 'organic' foods v. industrialized grown cattle and other foods and their costs and such, but the real mention is simply to help out our food sources, by keeping them as natural as possible and in that way, we can help keep the environment clean.  This article makes me so sad and mad (but I've got other things going on too) but it's just so frustrating that this stuff is still going on, and will likely continue for many, many years to come.

Here is the cover (with my personal info cut out):

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