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Wow ...strange confrontations and environment-hate articles?!

So I just had a very strange conversation with a person, who when I told him that sometimes I use hand cranking to generate power for things like my laptop, he immediately turned hostile and laughed and asked why don't I just use battery packs? He started asking me outrageous questions like if I only take showers when it rains. He also asked me if I was a vegan and then went on to talk about how stupid vegetarianism and veganism is. He also called me one of those "earth children" in a very condescending tone. *sigh*

I never really knew how much environmentalists are hated, and for all the wrong reasons! I just looked up a few articles and blogs concerning hatred towards environmentalism online. I was really surprised at what I found. They're writing articles on EXTREMES.... it's like...WOW... people just think every environmentalist is an insane conspiracy theorist human/technology hater who wants to take everyones rights away and make the world a primitive place where there is no technology present. Jeez...and here I thought the movement towards being green was viewed as a positive thing.

I also live in an area where it's really not a good idea to ride your bike around because drivers will honk at you and even STOP right in front of you to tell you to drive a car. :\ Has anyone experienced something like this?

I'm just so shocked at how unbelievable some of these articles are. The attitude towards being green is just so accusatory and hostile.

Environmentalism isn't some crazy movement to take over the government and destroy all technology! I feel like green living has everything to do with new technologies and figuring out ways to make things better and cleaner! Argh... this just upset me so much I had to say something! It makes me so sad that we're not being taken seriously, or if we are, we're considered this terrible threat. We're not going to get anywhere if everyone is fighting and accusing or not taking world problems, like running out of oil, seriously.
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