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Along a small creek in Southern California, I picked up the following trash. The trash was caught by small plants (weeds) that live on the side of the creek. This vegetation stops a very small fraction of trash from flowing out to the ocean. This creek leads to the santa ana river which eventually flows to the Pacific Ocean. I collected this trash along a 200 foot stretch on the North side of the stream. There was more trash but I only collected things small enough to carry with me.

Plastic bowl - microwave dinner
Mcdonalds plastic straw
unidentified floating object (ufo) foam fragment.
Coca-cola plastic fountain drink cup
Part of a foam cup.
Plastic disposable pen (it still works!). Had advert for nearby business.
Orange tape piece.
Black tape piece.
UFO foam fragment
Piece of plastic Dixie drinking cup, plastic
Bottom of foam cup
Golf tee, wood (golf course is upstream of creek)
BIC disposable lighter, empty.
Gatorade water bottle
Beef jerky plastic bag
Ketchup - fast food garnish from Bakers restaurant.

photos of the garbage:

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