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step away from the burger...

it's official! pizza is vegetable! with this logic all one would have to do would be to wave a pomegranate in the direction of doughnut and voila! you have one of your 5-a-day! the more you eat the slimmer you get! tell that to your talking plate...

seriously though. like any successful drug dealer, the food industry claims it is just giving consumers what they demand. and seemingly, the fatter we get, the greedier we get, and what the rapidly developing world is developing is a taste for more meat. and with the global population just having topped 7 billion, the planet just can't sustain it. meat is a very inefficient use of land. some aleiviation may come from advances in stem cell technology, but this is a bandaid for an amputation.
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Dolly Sods, WV

Imagine a cookie sheet 30 square miles in size laid atop the mountains of West Virginia. At a 4,000 foot altitude, it cools rather than bakes. That’s the basic geography of Dolly Sods Wilderness.

Sounds idyllic, however, it has a brutal history. In the 1900’s, during the lumber boom, Dolly Sods’ virgin timber was clear-cut and the undergrowth torched. During WWII it was pummeled with mortar shells by pilots in training. Chopped, burned and bombed - Dolly Sods has been abused. But in the 1960’s, awareness of its geographic uniqueness became apparent. The preservation wheels started rolling and it’s now a federally protected wilderness area.

This morning, I couldn’t contain a yelp as my car leveled off onto the Dolly Sods plateau. After twenty years of curiosity fed by the likes of National Geographic and Backpacker magazines, I had finally arrived. But it wasn’t easy. Three hours of curvy driving dodging deer, dump trucks, and forest service road ruts made for an interesting ride, adding to the charm of Dolly Sods. An SUV should have been the vehicle of choice, but my 12 year old Volvo with 156,000 miles on it performed like a champ.

In an instant, I was amazed by this place and immediately aware of the powerful way wind and water carves the landscape. From the small parking area, it was a short walk to the precipice – where the plateau dropped steeply to the valley 2,000 feet below. The outcroppings were innumerable, and the views stunning. I could have spent my whole day on the edge, but the interior was calling. I headed west on a washed out trail across a high plains sea of blueberries and huckleberries. A handful of fresh-picked fruit was impossible to resist; like Dorothy walking through the Poppy field.

The interior felt more Western and Canadian than Appalachian. Trees were weather-stunted. Others were in clusters, rather than the pervasiveness typical of the East. The altitude thwarted the summer heat, and brought a touch of dizziness when I stood up too fast. Dolly Sods is the big sky country of the east.
After a few miles, I crossed Red Creek and its tannin-stained waters. Here, under a stand of spruce trees and upon a moss softened seat, I took a long break. Alone, up high, and beside a trickling stream - as peaceful a resting place as I’ve ever experienced.

Before leaving Dolly Sods, I spent another hour back on the edge,
Sitting ruminatively with legs dangling,
Staring out over the valley,
Enjoying the altitude,
Lingering in the moment,
At one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.

I chose a different route home, completing a circuit, along equally curvy roads. The temperature soared as I descended in altitude. Back to reality… but now with one less item on the bucket list. Life, as always, is good.

Пикет с требованием вывести вредные производства из Москвы

13 мая в Москве около префектуры ЮВАО состоится пикет жителей района Печатники в поддержку требования Мэра Москвы Сергея Собянина вывести все экологически грязные производства за пределы города. Пикет пройдет с 12.00 до 14.00 часов по адресу ул. Авиамоторная, д. 10,  около здания Префектуры ЮВАО. 

«Надо вывести из Москвы вредные производства – на их месте должна появиться высокотехнологичная и дружественная окружающей среде промышленность»

Мэр города Москвы Сергей Собянин

 Мы, жители района Печатники, выражаем полную поддержку требованию мэра нашего города, о том, чтобы очистить Москву от тех производств, которые наносят существенный вред экологии и здоровью жителей. Вот уже много лет наше здоровье отравляет предприятие цементный элеватор «Южный порт» принадлежащий холдингу Евроцемент.  Нахождение производства, связанного с цементом и выбрасывающего в атмосферу огромное количество цементной пыли, в густонаселённом городе значительно увеличивает число легочных заболеваний, в том числе рака.

Цементный элеватор «Южный порт» своим существованием грубо нарушает природоохранное законодательство Российской Федерации. При этом в его санитарную зону, равную для подобных предприятий одному километру, попадает целый микрорайон. Московское правительство ещё в 2003 году при планировании микрорайона приняло решение о закрытии предприятия, затем подобные решения принимались в 2005 и 2007 годах. Однако российским олигархам закон не писан, и тем более им плевать на здоровье людей, их не интересует ничего, кроме личного обогащения.

Нет экологическому беспределу холдинга Евроцемент в Москве!

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'Natural Gas' is the enemy!!!!!

So, after watching Gasland on HBO, I admit, I was decieved!!!  I always thought natural gas was more green and eco-friendly....turns out, all it does is pollute fresh water and air!!

So many people, politicians and 'environmental' groups doing the wrong thing....I should've known.  :(
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ocean birds at Redondo beach

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some facts from

* During the 20th century, 109.7 million people died as a result of armed conflict, compared to 19.4 million people during the 19th century.

* About 87% of the energy supplies consumed by the world's population is non-renewable.

* In 2006, military spending reached $1,158 billion U.S. dollars whereas in 2005, development aid to poor countries represented just 106 billion dollars.

* 1.1 billion humans still have no access to drinking water and demand could triple within the next 50 years.

* Around 854 million people throughout the world do not have access to adequate food supplies. Approximately 80% of these people are farmers.

The facts are from goodplanets Google earth layer.. A photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand has some 500 photographs. Most are interesting photos on civilization and it's effect on earth.

One of the photos. Here are Iraqi tanks, left to rot in the desert. These are in Jahra, Kuwait.

Killing the whale calf....a rant

So, one of the big stories of the week out here on the Island, i.e. Long Island, New York, was that they had to kill a beached whale calf because....welll, it seemed like they had NO idea what to do with it....SERIOUSLY???!!??

Now, I'm one to post, especially here, for the need to protect our environment and all, moreso than the creatures living here. But this story was just SOOOO annoying I felt like I had to post!

In the article, from Newsday, NY, whale scientists and all were relieved that they had to kill the calf.  I've no odea why.  They said it was beached and they they had no idea what was wrong with it.  But it had to die.  Huh?  Are you kidding me?!?  So, this scientist was quoted as saying that watching an animal die was a terrible thing, umm...hello?  Aren't you a scientist?  You DO know this happens naturally right?  Do anyways, here's his point in killing the baby whale.  "Well, it would be depressing to watch it alive'.  No going by the story, one would think this was an immense animal not capable of help.  They said the high waves and the strength of the animal would prevent helping it, even though it was already in the water.

The pic in the paper of the animal is not so big that I haven't seen just as big animals being movied to zoos and/or aquariums.  Seriously, it could not be helped?  So, it landed on Native Indians' land and even they were quoted as to why the gov't felt it was necessary to kill the animal rather than help it or let it die naturally.  Hell, maybe a nice big wave would've helped it back out to sea or something.  Shouldn't they have considered the fact that since it was a baby, it got lost or some other thing that didn't mean that it was simply a deranged animal stranding.  I mean, THIS is the best a scientist who studies the animal can come up with?  In this day and age, where mankind can build anything, yet moving an animal, already in the sea, can't be helped because it's believed to be deranged?  I think, what if we just killed off human babies or little kids who got lost for this same reason.  Why not just kill them.  They are obviously alone and therefore deranged.  It makes NO sense!!!  O.O

So, they couldn't even kill it right.  IN the first place, the big announcement was that they lost one of the needles they shot into the whale to sedate/kill it and they were worried the chemicals would poke a human and kill them.  Now, this was not the ONLY needle used, I think they shot it 3 times or more with needles to kill it, but when that didn't work, they simply used rifle bullets to the brain to kill it.  But again. that was not enough.  They had to shoot it, IN THE BRAIN, THREE TIMES!!!  Someone was quoited as saying that they obviously used too small a caliber bullet and that they should've used larger.  DUH!  So, in addition to the immense discomfort this poor animal was dealing with (who knows what led it to be stranded in the shallows), it was shot up with harsh, dissolving chemicals, and shot in the head, and still it lived shortly afterwards.

This whole story is just mindnumbing to me,  I can't understand it....

Who are these scientists?  This is the best wecan do??  In these times???  WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON???!???
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ocean birds at Redondo beach
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Along a small creek in Southern California, I picked up the following trash. The trash was caught by small plants (weeds) that live on the side of the creek. This vegetation stops a very small fraction of trash from flowing out to the ocean. This creek leads to the santa ana river which eventually flows to the Pacific Ocean. I collected this trash along a 200 foot stretch on the North side of the stream. There was more trash but I only collected things small enough to carry with me.

Plastic bowl - microwave dinner
Mcdonalds plastic straw
unidentified floating object (ufo) foam fragment.
Coca-cola plastic fountain drink cup
Part of a foam cup.
Plastic disposable pen (it still works!). Had advert for nearby business.
Orange tape piece.
Black tape piece.
UFO foam fragment
Piece of plastic Dixie drinking cup, plastic
Bottom of foam cup
Golf tee, wood (golf course is upstream of creek)
BIC disposable lighter, empty.
Gatorade water bottle
Beef jerky plastic bag
Ketchup - fast food garnish from Bakers restaurant.

photos of the garbage:

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The Deam.

For those of you who dont know me, my name is Hofit.
I have been writing and sharing my life expierences online on since the age of 16, I'm currently 24 and have taken a mission upon myself that will change my life and most importantly others lives.
Last New Years Eve, my only New Year's resolution was to do a single good thing for humainty a week. I decided that as people, we tend to take advantage of alot without at times noticing or appriecating the value of life and what we have, or the value of other peoples lives. I currently think that our society is very selfish, materialistic and disconnected. I feel as though people have forgotten the meaning of unconditional love, true happiness, nature, true beauty and so much more.
I'm here to remind the world.
All it takes is one.
Last year I learned so much about myself by giving the gift of giving.
Something so simple as donating a $1 to children's cancer, feedig ducks in an abandoned park, picking up trash at the beach, helping an old person cross the street, volunteering at a homeless shelter, causing awareness, or taking the time to help a complete stranger can change your life sooo much!
Doing 1 single good thing a week motivated me to better myself. I wanted to start off with baby steps and do it once a week, but in the last few months I've been trying to donate to the earth daily and it feels amazing.
Slowly u begin to notice little things, like how unnecessary throwing a piece of wrapper on the floor, how important beauty skin deep is, because looks are only physical, how much of the world there is to help out and how many people are in need, how fortunate you are, how beautiful nature is, how hollywood and celebs are pointless and reading magazines like US Weekly & In Touch are pure negative energy and eat your soul alive (although once I appear in a few of them). Just little things and big things.
Since I started my great quest, I've stopped completely buying all those tabloid magazines, I dont go on those celeb webites to read the gossip, I have no clue who's famous anymore or not lol, I stopped watching tv, I have a few shows that I watch and thats it. No more MTV, no more VH1 garbage, I even stopped listening to the radio like TOP40 stuff, because not all but most are shallow songs about pointless things like going to a club which is meaningless in my eyes, I only really listen to Hebrew music now, I dont go out to clubs at ALL! Last time I went to a club in Hollywood was in May for a friend's birthday, 2 times in Israel, and just this time when I went to NY and after 20mins I was asking myself why I went out in the first place. I'm sort of a lounger now, I like lounges, where you can talk about meaningful things and have a nice glass of wine. I don't really wear a lot of makeup unless I'm working. I've stopped shopping and I find myself dressing more conservatively.
Now I'm really into traveling and planning trips outside the country. Researching a lot of non-profit organizations and looking into opening one. I've been looking to spend some time in foreign countries to help the world. I've been learning about my religion more. I've been spending alot of time with myself doing things I would never do alone, like go to the movies or a resturant alone, but I love it now, and I find something beautiful about it. I've eliminated a lot of negative people from my life. I'm extremely spirtual and grateful for all that I have. Even the simplest change, going by my real name, HOFIT, has become liberating.
All from a single act of giving. It's very empowering.
and so I've decided that that's my life long gift from G*d to the world.
That's it.
I would like to do something like, be a big international superstar singer, but I can still be a BIG INTERNATIONAL STAR and help make the world a better place! Kinda like the next Oprah!!!
I want to be a big world peace leader! I want to win the Nobel Peace Prize! You will all see! ;)
You see if you knew me about 2 years ago, I'd be the last person you'd expect this from. I've always had this in me but it's been hiding because I allowed the city of "Hollywood" to take over my true nature at heart.
2 years ago, I went by the name of Kim, I was clubing every night, I would spend hundreds of dollars on brand name clothes and accessories daily and only wear them once. On my free time I would watch shows on MTV, VH1, I would go to a newsstand and buy 3 tabloid magazines weekly, I would go on bloggers celeb websites for hours a day, I felt the need to say how "hot" I was from morning til night, I had many friends, not all but most were insecure, negative, lost people, with no morals and self love, yet I always found the need to help them so I had them in my life on the hopes of changing them for the better. All I wanted to do was be a famous celeb, I would show off, cause drama, start fist fights, I had a mercedes benz convertible, lived in a amazing apartment on the beach in Malibu, I had everything I wanted.
I was pretty extreme.
None of this of course came from insecurity, although it may seem. I never did drugs, never tried a cigarette, I dont have a single tattoo on my body, and I dont believe in plastic surgery. I just had different priorities.
I think it's important to understand where I came from, where I am now, where I'm planning on being next year and the rest of my life.

This year, I'm dedicating an entire year to the world.
I'm dedicating 365 of my life with acts of goodness for humanity. All of humanity!
Some days it will be small deeds other days big!
Everyday I will blog about my expierence of that day in the hopes of inspiring YOU to do better and be on the pursuit of changing peoples lives!
This world is lacking so much love, unity, art, creation and faith.
My dream is to change the world for the better. I know all it takes is passion, drive, a warm heart, ONE HUGE Dream, and I will never stop!
Because in my heart I believe that we are all good. I believe that even the murderer, rapist, drug dealer, kipnapper, has somewhere in there a piece of goodness, it just got lost. WE ARE ALL ONE. ONE LOVE.

Here we go!!! 365 days of selfless acts for humainty!!!!

"The opposite of war is not peace, its creation" -Mark Cohen