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Killing the whale calf....a rant

So, one of the big stories of the week out here on the Island, i.e. Long Island, New York, was that they had to kill a beached whale calf because....welll, it seemed like they had NO idea what to do with it....SERIOUSLY???!!??

Now, I'm one to post, especially here, for the need to protect our environment and all, moreso than the creatures living here. But this story was just SOOOO annoying I felt like I had to post!

In the article, from Newsday, NY, whale scientists and all were relieved that they had to kill the calf.  I've no odea why.  They said it was beached and they they had no idea what was wrong with it.  But it had to die.  Huh?  Are you kidding me?!?  So, this scientist was quoted as saying that watching an animal die was a terrible thing, umm...hello?  Aren't you a scientist?  You DO know this happens naturally right?  Do anyways, here's his point in killing the baby whale.  "Well, it would be depressing to watch it alive'.  No going by the story, one would think this was an immense animal not capable of help.  They said the high waves and the strength of the animal would prevent helping it, even though it was already in the water.

The pic in the paper of the animal is not so big that I haven't seen just as big animals being movied to zoos and/or aquariums.  Seriously, it could not be helped?  So, it landed on Native Indians' land and even they were quoted as to why the gov't felt it was necessary to kill the animal rather than help it or let it die naturally.  Hell, maybe a nice big wave would've helped it back out to sea or something.  Shouldn't they have considered the fact that since it was a baby, it got lost or some other thing that didn't mean that it was simply a deranged animal stranding.  I mean, THIS is the best a scientist who studies the animal can come up with?  In this day and age, where mankind can build anything, yet moving an animal, already in the sea, can't be helped because it's believed to be deranged?  I think, what if we just killed off human babies or little kids who got lost for this same reason.  Why not just kill them.  They are obviously alone and therefore deranged.  It makes NO sense!!!  O.O

So, they couldn't even kill it right.  IN the first place, the big announcement was that they lost one of the needles they shot into the whale to sedate/kill it and they were worried the chemicals would poke a human and kill them.  Now, this was not the ONLY needle used, I think they shot it 3 times or more with needles to kill it, but when that didn't work, they simply used rifle bullets to the brain to kill it.  But again. that was not enough.  They had to shoot it, IN THE BRAIN, THREE TIMES!!!  Someone was quoited as saying that they obviously used too small a caliber bullet and that they should've used larger.  DUH!  So, in addition to the immense discomfort this poor animal was dealing with (who knows what led it to be stranded in the shallows), it was shot up with harsh, dissolving chemicals, and shot in the head, and still it lived shortly afterwards.

This whole story is just mindnumbing to me,  I can't understand it....

Who are these scientists?  This is the best wecan do??  In these times???  WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON???!???
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